Grace and Peace be with you!

Chaplain’s SITREP Vol6, No7

My friends in ministry, enjoy and be encouraged by this week’s Chaplain’s SITREP.

Informative Articles:
~ Why are you Unhealthy, Stuck and Miserable
~ The 2 Most Powerful Words for Reaching Your Goals
~ God’s Grace Is Mind-Blowing

Training: (See inside this week’s SITREP for details)
~ Strong Bonds for 16th Sus Brigade: There are three opportunities forthcoming over the second and third quarters for Married Couples within the Brigade to enrich their relationship (See page 5 for a few details). Locations, curriculum, and slots made available to the 18th CSSB will be published as soon as I get them. If you have immediate questions, please address those to SPC Williams and/or the 16th Sustainment Brigade UMT.

Feel free to share this publication with whomever you wish. You can also receive this SITREP directly to your inbox by emailing me (Chapcalvert (at) gmail.com) with your email address.


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