Grace and Peace be with you!

Chaplain’s SITREP Vol6, No27

My friends in ministry, enjoy and be encouraged by this week’s Chaplain’s SITREP.

Informative Articles:
~ Can a scientist believe in the resurrection? Three hypotheses.
~ Pursue Complementarity, Not Compatibility
~ Female Soldier Sacrificed Her Life To Protect Countless Others

Training: (See inside this week’s SITREP for details)
Martial Arts Training: Tuesday & Thursday, 18:30-20:00, at Tower Barracks Physical Fitness Center (Grafenwoehr) in the Combatives Room. Ages 10 to
 Adult. Parents must remain present with children 10-15 years old. For More information see SOARTSD.COM or contact CH Calvert.
Strong Bonds for Married Couples, 13-15 May 16 We have another Strong Bonds opportunity for married couples in May. See your company training section for registration paperwork.

Feel free to share this publication with whomever you wish. You can also receive this SITREP directly to your inbox by emailing me (Chapcalvert (at) gmail.com) with your email address.


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