Grace and Peace be with you!

Chaplain’s SITREP Vol6, No52

My friends in ministry, enjoy and be encouraged by this week’s Chaplain’s SITREP.

Transformative Articles:
~ Has Rome Really Changed Its Tune?

Training/Events: (See inside this week’s SITREP for details)

~ Junior Leadership Professional Development: JLPD will begin 4 October for Platoon Leaders, Corporals, Sergeants, and Staff Sergeants. JLPD will meet on Tuesdays from 1300-1500 in the Tower Barracks Field House.

~ Scream Free Parenting Seminar (15 Oct): USAG Bavaria Chaplain Office and Chapels presents a no-cost event for all. Watch Care provided for children. The revolutionary approach to raising kids without loosing your cool. Saturday, 15 Oct from 0900-1600. Hosted at the Tower Barracks Chapel, please contact CH (CPT) Christopher Odle to register: christopher.w.odle.mil@mail.mil or +49 151 705 46654. Registration deadline in 7 Oct.

~ Mil Spouse Wellness Summit (17-22 Oct): The 2nd Annual Military Spouse Wellness Summit –
Happily EVER AFTER. October 17-22, 2016 | virtual summit. Achieve health and wellness independently in mind, body, and emotion to positively impact your military marriage. Receive ten guest expert interviews to listen to in the comfort of your home or on the go, plus an array of holistic marriage resources. Register at www.in-dependent.org/wellness-summit.

~ Ruck for Freedom: A food drive and First Quarter Prayer Breakfast to be held on 10 November. Donations will begin being accepted on 3 October in your company areas. All donations will be put into your Commander’s and First Sergeant’s rucks – Load ‘em up! Please purchase items according to the requested list.

~ Martial Arts Training: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 18:30-20:00, at Tower Barracks Physical Fitness Center (Grafenwoehr) in the Combatives Room. Ages 10 to Adult. Parents must remain present with children 10-15 years old. For More information see SOARTSD.COM or contact CH Calvert.

Feel free to share this publication with whomever you wish. You can also receive this SITREP directly to your inbox by emailing me (Chapcalvert (at) gmail.com) with your email address.


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