World War 2 Protestant Chaplains’ Retreat

This is a fantastic connection to our historical lineage in the Chaplain Corps. Thank you CH Densford for pulling this together.

The Chaplain Kit

Protestant Chaplains’ Retreat, Lorraine District, Jougne France, 6-10 August 1945

Following the end of the war in Europe, just as word was coming in about the Japanese surrender, Protestant Chaplains from the Lorraine District in France met for a time of fellowship, rest and relaxation, at the 46th General Hospital’s Retreat Center in Jougne, France on the Swiss border. Below is the booklet that was published following the retreat which has some of the remarks and devotionals given during the the chaplain’s time together.

Some interesting titles of the addresses are: Present Day Trends and the Chaplain; The Prophet Elijah and the Chaplain; Through Christ to God, Romans 12:11; The Chaplain and His Bible; The Prophet Amos and the Chaplain; He that Hath an Ear Let Him Hear; The Chaplain and the Soldier; Spiritual Hunger-Matthew 5:6; The Prophet Jeremiah and the Chaplain; The Chaplain, a Priest and a Prophet; and…

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