Thoughts by Chap: Big Rocks

Same Page Same Direction Series

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So I was thinking…This rock is bigger than this rock. Strange, huh?

I am sure many of you have seen the experiment where you have to fill the glass jar with rocks of various sizes, sand, and water. The only way to fill the jar is to put the big rocks in first. If you begin with the little rocks, you will never get all the big rocks inside the jar. This also means you can’t get all the little rocks in either because the of the big rocks. Choices have to be made.

This is a perfect illustration of growth and maturity. The Big Rocks represent values or priorities. For Example, is it a priority to get out of debt? If so, paying down your debt becomes a big rock, and going to the coffee shop for a $4 drink becomes a little rock that may not fit in the jar anymore.

Another example might be the Family value of “keeping your promises.” If you have told your spouse that you will put together that backyard swing set, you might have to give up a day of lounging or fishing.

What are the top priorities for your Family? What are your Big Rocks? [Hold up a big rock] Have you discussed these with those you love? Can you and your family name them? It’s always worth reviewing what these Big Rocks are. At various times in your life, these rocks will change.

Don’t let the little rocks get in the way of achieving your Big Rocks.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

Disclaimer: All content, thoughts, and statements solely belong to the author and do not reflect any institution or organization with which the author is affiliated.

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