Thoughts by Chap: Kaizen Marriage

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How do we achieve those Big Rocks I talked about previously? After you have decided what that Big Rock is, you have to begin making a plan for how to break-up that Rock into manageable pieces. In the Army, we call this backwards planning, but I want to share a different approach with you. It’s called the Kaizen Method.

The Kaizen Method is an approach to creating continuous improvement based on the idea that small, ongoing positive changes can reach significant improvements. It’s like backing your alarm up 5 minutes everyday to start getting up earlier. But, for kaizen to work, it takes cooperation and commitment, which is why it’s perfect for marriage relationships.

The foundation of the Kaizen method consists of 5 Elements:

  1. Teamwork: Are you and your spouse working for the same goals?
  2. Personal Discipline: You both have to be all in, and when you are, you are able to achieve mutual commitment and accountability. It is far easier to get where you’re going with a partner. 
  3. Improved Morale: Couples that are working together, going the same direction, and seeing improvement are Happier. Go figure!
  4. Quality Circles: This one looks a little different for marriages because you are not producing something tangible. Still, when others begin to ask why you’re so happy in marriage and how do you make that work, you know you are producing a quality relationship. 
  5. Suggestions for Improvement: It’s a willingness to receive feedback. I have always argued that every couple needs counseling at various stages of their marriage: be it formal, informal, or simply talking with an older couple 10-years further along than you just to prepare your relationship for the next challenge. 

Marriage is work. It’s hard work. But, doing that work together, little by little, correctly…it’s rewarding work. Go improve your marriage!

Those are my thoughts. What are yours? 

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