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My name is Andrew Calvert, and I have worked for the US Army since 2009. As I’m sure you’ve guessed by this point, I’m a chaplain. Many people ask what a chaplain does in the military. We essentially have two jobs: 1) We ensure that each Service Member is afforded the right to practice his/her faith in accordance with the First Amendment of the US Constitution; 2) We remain faithful representatives of the denomination that endorses us for military chaplaincy. Within those two very broad directives, we approach ministry with the precept to “perform and advise.” If I can perform the religious ministry for you, I will. If I can’t, I will help you locate someone who can provide for your religious support. Chaplains also advise commanders on the impact of religion and practice both internally and externally to the unit we are assigned to.

I am a husband, father, military chaplain and coffee fiend, but most of all I am a devoted follower of Christ Jesus our Lord. My greatest desire is to worship God in whatever role I’m in and to make disciples.

I married my wife, Angee, in August 1999. We met at Angelo State University as members in the college band. We have been blessed with one child, Keira, who was born in December 2005. And, we like doing lots of different things.

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I like the layout of your CMRP. Could you email the doc version to save me some formating? Blessings,

      1. Hi I just transferred to the navy, serving marines.

        Can you please send me a electronic copy of your religious support matrix that is in your battledrill handbook

  2. Hello,
    Thank you for sharing so many resources.
    My 1st deployment with the army is fast approaching.
    Can you suggest any RFI’s that you believe would be helpful to submit?

    1. 1) Request from your S1 your religious preference roster. It’s a data store report from EMILPO. examine this list for anyone religious preferences that may need special attention (i.e. Jewish, Islam, SDA, etc.). Speak to those folks, make appropriate arrangements, and advise your commander.
      2) What are the local religious support resources available at your deployed location? If CENTCOM, an S2 vetted mosque. If Europe, the local Catholic parishes. You get the idea.
      3) What program and spiritual fitness retreats has your predecessor conducted?
      4) Do you have a place to conduct worship services?
      5) do you have all the supplies to conduct a full worship service? Think sound system, projectors, musical instruments, music, powerpoint or media shout, maybe Logos Bible software (fewer books, more portable), communion host, wine/grape juice, liturgical colors, candles, and the worship elements needed for religious preferences you cannot lead.
      6) Who are you DFGLs? Are there some there? Do you need to identify some in your unit?

      I hope this gets you started. Push me an email for other questions at chapcalvert (at) gmail (dot) com or andrew (dot) e (dot) calvert (dot) mil (at) mail (dot) mil.

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